Empower your experts to innovate 

LOW-CODE AUTOMATION - eliminate time-sink processes and costly app development

Power Platform is the foundation of business automation for some of the world’s largest companies. But now it is integrated with Microsoft 365 organisations of all sizes can inspire their staff and create a truly innovative culture. Rokkit Automate provides low-code solutions and employee training so that you can sieze this opportunity. 

‌With Power Platform an employee can create apps and automated processes, without needing to be a professional coder. A new breed of citizen developer can learn to build what they need using low code tools and based on their expert knowledge of the context—such as human resources, finance, logistics, manufacturing, etc. Anyone who is familiar with Excel formulas can quickly get creative, even adding drag-and-drop artificial intelligence capabilities to their apps such as object recognition and natural language processing. 

Low-code automation
 unlocks the capacity of your employees to solve their own process bottlenecks. Your internal experts can quickly customise solutions for any device without needing to code or commission expensive software developers. You will see immediate improvements in areas where you didn’t even know you had problems!

‌Start with an off-the-shelf business app template for mobile, tablet and desktop, or build from scratch in minutes using intuitive tools.

How much does Power Platform cost? As an existing Microsoft 365 subscriber you already have access to many of the tools! Contact us for more details.


Respond instantly to customer requests.
‌Seize new market opportunities. Release process experts and software developers 
‌to work on more profitable tasks. 


Give decision-makers real-time visibilty. U‌nderstand where bottlenecks are holding back the business.
Measure the improvements in operational efficiency and productivity.



Motivate and empower employees‌. E‌ncourage experimentation and rapid prototyping.
‌Eliminate errors and achieve QA targets.

Why Rokkit Automate?

With over 25 years of experience in ICT, Rokkit Automate understands technology in the context of your business goals. It’s about crafting solutions for real business problems - never technology for its own sake. We can deliver tailored low-code applications as well as training your staff to work with Power Platform tools.   

  1. Facilitated workshop to identity and map your automation priorities
  2. Facilitated workshop to establish governance and security best practice
  3. Design and delivery of process-driven applications for desktop and mobile. 
  4. Bespoke training programme for your process experts

‌Rokkit Automate co-designs training content with you. Whether your attendees are experienced analysts or new to process optimisation, your training programme is focused on the skills required. You will see a rapid return on your investment as employees grow in confidence and make tangible contributions to the business.